Artificial Lawns and Real Turf Canberra wide

A well laid out, luxuriant green lawn is a beautiful addition to any area of open space. Whether you have a back garden which could benefit from some greening, or office premises which need an attractive surround, opting for lawn provides an attractive, versatile solution. Modern technology means that in addition to naturally seeded turf, we can also offer a range of artificial alternatives. While these don’t have the same texture as grass, they do provide a number of additional benefits that make them particularly appealing to property owners who want a low maintenance ground covering that always looks amazing.

Real lawns laid to order

No matter what size or shape your piece of ground might be, we can prepare it appropriately, making sure that the resultant lawn is level, evenly planted and successfully established. Some projects may benefit from seeding, whereas for others strips of turf may well be a better option. Real grass always looks amazing and is a popular choice with people who prefer a natural option. Pets and wildlife find lawns particularly appealing and a contoured landscape frequently looks less contrived when real grass is used. All the mowing, irrigating, aerating and pest control a real lawn requires in order to keep it in premium condition can be time consuming and expensive, which is why many people are choosing an artificial lawn instead.

Artificial lawns are cost-effective and easy to maintain

For homeowners that crave a low maintenance lawn alternative, artificial turf is ideal. Designed to look just like the real thing, synthetic turf is extremely robust and will keep its good looks despite heavy traffic. Obviously artificial grass is easier to look after and it can also be a more ecologically sound choice as no chemicals are required to fertilise it or discourage pests. We are experienced landscaping contractors who know exactly which premium brands of synthetic turf to use in order to give the best results every time.

Lawns are gaining in popularity as a landscaping option for many homes across Canberra. If you’re considering planting a lawn, or are keen to explore the benefits which artificial options can bring, we can advise on the choices which may work best. For projects that need several different trades to complete the work, we have the skills and competencies necessary to manage the whole process, ensuring it is completed in a timely manner and within the agreed budget.