Building design in Canberra

Often architects are the professionals that people turn to when they are considering the design of a new build project or a refurbishment. Although architects are highly trained and knowledgeable about many design principles, it’s difficult for them to keep up to date with new innovations in the construction industry which could make a real positive difference to the end result. We have a wealth of specialist knowledge when it comes to the successful implementation of building design, enabling us to offer helpful recommendations during the planning process.

We’re happy to be involved before the blueprint

Difficulties can arise when a contractor is asked to work to a blueprint that presents significant implementation issues. Designs which look good on paper may not translate particularly well to local conditions. For example building design in Canberra needs to include consideration of the potential for sub-zero temperatures during the colder months – something that architects used to working in other parts of the country wouldn’t normally have to consider. We work almost exclusively in Canberra, so are well aware of what’s needed for a local dwelling to be fit for purpose.

Innovative solutions

For many people, the design process can be a frustrating one, as perhaps their site or proposals don’t appear to be feasible. We want all our customers to get the results they want and will try our best to create a design which meets their requirements. Building on our experience of successfully overcoming difficulties such as a small site, restrictive planning regulations or a tight budget, we can normally offer attractive options which work within the project constraints.

Strong project management skills

We’re contractors that don’t just do! We can also create, communicate, design and organise. Whether you want some fresh ideas to inform your building design, need some assistance to ensure that all the trades required to complete a particular job will turn up on the right day or want a knowledgeable professional on your side to oversee progress, we can help you meet your objectives.

We have a good reputation in Canberra for successfully completing high calibre projects of many different types. Our team are committed to ensuring that a project progresses well from start to finish, giving our clients regular reports and providing helpful solutions to any problems which arise. With considerable experience in premium building design, we offer a professional, competent service that gives excellent results.