Concrete Spray Stencil Canberra

One of the most appealing and innovative surfacing techniques currently available, concrete spray stencil offers a wealth of possibilities for colourful patios, durable driveways and intricate paving designs without the need to rip up the existing concrete and start again. Concrete spray stencil work involves overlaying the existing concrete surface with a stencil which has the required pattern cut out from it. A colour-hardener is then used to cover the concrete not already covered by the stencil. When the hardener has dried, the stencil is removed to reveal a spectacular, fresh design.

Wide range of different options

Colour-hardener is available in a selection of different hues, so it’s possible to select bold combinations or opt for a subtle shade which blends with the exterior of your home. Some people prefer colour which emulates the look of granite or slate, giving a finished look which has all the appeal of natural stone but at a far more affordable price. Concrete spray stencil is an ideal solution for property owners who want to radically update their exterior concrete work in a quick and straightforward manner.

Durable, non-slip and easy to maintain

Aside from resealing periodically there’s no need to undertake much further maintenance. Cleaning can be achieved with a broom and water; weed control is unnecessary as there are no breaks in the surface, although the patterning might give the impression of slabs or tiles. Concrete is a non-slip material, providing a safe surface for paths, pavements and walkways, even when the weather is poor. Many of the concrete spray jobs in Canberra which we have undertaken are still in excellent shape many years after we completed them.

Reliable and competent project deliverers

From initial planning and recommendations through to final checks once the work has been completed, our thorough, friendly project management service gets the job done. If necessary we can prepare the surface prior to stencilling, as well as work with any other trades you may need to ensure the project progresses smoothly. We enjoy producing high quality work and won’t call the job finished until our clients are 100% satisfied.

Concrete spray stencilling is a fantastic alternative to a costly resurfacing project, providing a great new look at a highly affordable price. If you want a new look for your yard, garden, patio, driveway or paths, we have the skills, enthusiasm and professionalism you need to get the job done.

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