Garden beds & Mulching in Canberra Area

For many people, their garden or yard is simply an extension of their living area. Properly landscaped and enhanced by suitable shrubs, trees and plants, external space can be transformed into an appealing backdrop for entertaining, relaxing, socialising, working or just enjoying some quality time with friends and family. If you’re thinking of transforming your garden into something special, we have the ideas, equipment and expertise to help.

Mulching is low maintenance and appealing

One of the major problems with any open space is keeping it maintained in premium condition. Whether you have garden beds in your Canberra home or have some attractive flower beds surrounding your office or commercial premises, ensuring that the area remains weed-free and that the plants get the moisture they need to thrive can be a challenge. In these situations, mulching is often the best solution. Mulching involves covering any spare earth not used for planting with some form of organic material, such as bark chippings, wood chip or leaves. Mulches in Canberra gardens prevent weeds, help the soil to trap water and also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the flower bed.

A variety of garden beds in Canberra

Planters, raised beds and contoured borders can all increase the impact which your floral displays have. Garden beds can also be artfully positioned to provide shade where required, enhance privacy and even improve external security. From our extensive landscaping experience, we can offer plenty of advice and suggestions for your flower beds, giving you a result which not only looks good, but also offers additional functional benefits.

21st century landscaping solutions

Today’s gardens, yards and open spaces don’t just need to look good, they also need to be low maintenance, ecologically appealing and fit for purpose. We are qualified to undertake all aspects of your garden project, from the initial planning phase right the way through to on-going care. If you’re after a particular style or look, we can tell you exactly what’s needed to give you the desired result.

As experienced landscapers and garden maintenance specialists, we have developed a good understanding of modern techniques which are ideal for homeowners that want their grounds to form an inviting and appealing backdrop to their property. Don’t worry if your land is steeply contoured or has poor soil quality. We will find a satisfactory solution that will ensure the finished project is exactly what you want.