Granite Surfacing Canberra Wide

Deciding on the right exterior surfacing for driveways, walkways, borders and other areas of space can be a difficult task. Factors such as appearance, functional characteristics, maintenance and potential cost can all play a part in the eventual decision. A surfacing material that we’ve been using successfully in outdoor projects is granite. Small pieces of crushed, decomposed red granite provide a versatile and attractive surface which is now found in numerous parks, gardens and open spaces across Canberra.

Looks fantastic

Although when the granite is initially laid it has a brownish hue, over time rain causes oxidation, producing the wonderful deep red colour which makes it such a stunning option for larger areas of space. The gravel sized pieces are ideal for a driveway, office frontages or as a surround for trees. Bigger grades of granite look spectacular on flower beds, borders or other locations where strong visual impact is required. As oxidation doesn’t occur uniformly across the rock, the degree and location of colour subtly shifts, providing a constantly evolving picture.

Highly functional

Granite in Canberra can be used to mask uneven surfaces or to cover a less than ideal substrate. It’s ideal for areas that would be costly or tricky to concrete over, or for projects where the cover needed may be temporary. As granite is a natural substance, it has minimal environmental impact. Granite is an impermeable rock, meaning it is resistant to the degradation which water and temperature extremes can bring. Extremely durable, this surface will just keep looking better as the years go on.

Low maintenance

Granite surfacing requires very little maintenance once it is in place. Unlike other surfaces, it is free from serrated tussock and African love grass – two weeds which can wreak havoc on paths and tracks. Used as a mulch, it provides an effective deterrent to weeds as well as preserving moisture in the soil. Granite doesn’t usually need cleaning, so once it’s in place it requires minimal maintenance to keep its appearance.

A common site in many areas of Canberra, if you want your garden to benefit from granite, we can help. We have undertaken numerous granite installations in and around the city, so we understand what’s needed to do a professional job which gives excellent results. The many benefits which granite offers helps to explain why it’s such a popular choice with homeowners and businesses in the local area.