Knock down rebuilds Canberra wide.

Covenant Constructions are highly skilled in carrying out quick, hassle-free knock down rebuilds. Whether you’ve just bought an old home and you’re wanting to clear the block of land, or you think it’s time to get rid of your run-down house, we’re here to help.

We make the process as easy as possible, so you don’t have to stress about calling in several businesses to get the job done. We’ll carry out every aspect of your knock down rebuild in Canberra, including:

  • Demolition
  • Clearing the land
  • Laying foundations
  • Building your new home


The first part of your knock down rebuild is getting rid of the old house. While normally you might have to call several companies to knock down and safely clear away debris, we can do all of it so the project runs smoothly, and there’s less running around for you. We’ll facilitate the full demolition process and make sure any harmful materials are taken care of appropriately.

Clearing the land and laying foundations

During your knock down rebuild, we’ll take on the role of several contractors to landscape, level and lay foundations on your block of the land. This means your project will run smoothly and efficiently. Our skilled team can work on basic levelling for flat blocks of land, right through to building retaining walls or soft fill where needed.

Building your new home

We’ve been working with Canberra locals since 2009 to help build their dream homes. We pride ourselves on a quality build, exceptional service and plenty of communication to make sure your new house is everything you’d hoped it would be! The process of knock down rebuilds can be stressful, so we’ll go above and beyond to bring you exceptional service and make your construction project run as smoothly as possible. From laying the foundation to the finishing touches, every aspect of your new home is in safe hands with us!

If you’re looking to carry out a knock down rebuild Canberra project, speak to us first. We can give you great advice on the timing, cost and regulations around rebuilding a home. Call our principal builder Eddie Kulas on 0414 018 656 for any questions, to start on a plan or to obtain a quote today.