Landscaping in Canberra Area

Contemporary landscaping involves the same amount of consideration and design analysis as deciding on the right colours, textures, features and furnishings for a room in your home. Over the years gardens have changed, with today’s exterior space needing to be aesthetically appealing as well as functional. We have worked on many gardens over the years, transforming barren plots or small, uninviting scraps of grass into intriguing visual landscapes which make an appealing backdrop for entertaining, relaxing or spending time with the family. When planning a project, it’s not just the final choice of plants and surface covering which need to be considered, there are a number of other factors to think about first.


Getting the contours and basic design of your piece of ground correct is vital before undertaking further work. Whether you need uneven ground levelled or flat ground uplifted, we have the skills, tools and enthusiasm to get the basics right. Retaining walls, path layout and boundary demarcation also need to be considered at this stage. Hardscaped features are intended to be more permanent than flooring, plants or other structures, so it’s important to take the time to get them right.

Outdoor structures

Pergolas, sheds, archways, decks, water features and patios are just some of the many outdoor features that can be designed into a garden setting. An outdoor swimming pool is also a fantastic addition to a garden if you have the necessary space. We can recommend versatile choices which have wide appeal, or you can commission us to undertake unique one-off projects that will give your exterior environment plenty of individual style.

Planting and pathways

Although planting normally comes towards the end of a garden landscaping project, it can have a profound effect on the end result. Plants are enormously adaptable and can be used to focus the eye, rather like pictures in a room. Different heights and densities of foliage can also subtly alter the exterior ambience. If you crave enhanced privacy or better security, we know exactly which types of shrub to use and how to plant them in order to give your space the characteristics you crave.

We are experienced landscape contractors that have successfully undertaken a variety of exterior projects. No matter how big or small your job, we will be happy to use our knowledge and expertise to get it completed to a high standard in a timely and professional manner.