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Finding the right contractor to take on the construction of a new home, or a larger development, always requires careful consideration. As experienced home builders in Canberra, we’re well aware of the amount of money which is at stake and the necessity of getting every job completed to an extremely high standard as well as on time and within the agreed budget. Not only do we have all the necessary skills, experience and insurance necessary to undertake projects of any size, we also have a number of strengths which enable us to offer expert assistance at every stage of the development process.

We understand challenging developments

Building a new property on solid, virgin land is a fairly straight-forward task – the complexities arise when a development is needed on a less than ideal site, where specialist knowledge and innovative solutions are essential for successful implementation. If you’re working on a brown field site, have issues around subsidence or suspect that there may be damp complications due to the proximity of water or land contours, we can come up with workable options that ensure the long term success of your construction.

Aware of current legislation

Whether it’s recent changes in planning policy, building regulations, tendering protocols or health and safety requirements, we make sure we’re aware of the current law. The earlier we’re involved in a project, the easier it is for us to ensure that it’s going to be compliant with current regulations. It’s always far simpler to plan out potential issues at the start of a project than it is to take a chance and then have to try and rectify the problem.

We work well with other people

Over the years we’ve developed a good understanding of how to work effectively with a wide range of other trades as well as developers, clients, financiers, project managers, architects and public sector officials. We believe that effective communication, clear accountability and mutual respect are essential if a project involving multiple parties is going to be a success. If necessary, we are happy to manage your construction project for you, or simply do our bit as part of the team.

Our strong track record of successful development is down to a combination of professional expertise, excellent people skills and enthusiastic hard work. We bring our total commitment to every piece of work we undertake, maximising the chances of spectacular results.

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