Paving and Stencilling in Canberra – Improve the exterior look of your home!

Whether you have a concrete driveway or just a few blades of grass, new paving from Covenant Constructions (Canberra) will make a grand entranceway.

Patio areas, side paths, pergolas, terraces – all can come alive with the right paving. At Covenant Constructions we have a decade of experience in not only laying paving, but also helping customers choose the right type of paving to suit their home.

Whether it be a beautiful natural stone paver with that almost uneven look, or granite pavers in a fashionable steel grey, your choice in paving stones or tiles is almost limitless. You can also get ‘crazy paving’ in stone or granite tiles, or see the stencilling option below.

If confused by choice, we can help guide you in the decision with a look at our trade brochures and past work photos. They will no doubt inspire you. It will also help for us to view and match your house and garden surrounds with the right paving option.

Could stencilling be the answer to your paving dilemma?

For a transforming effect on patios, driveways, side paths and more, have you considered a stencilling on coloured concrete option? (You can hardly tell this apart from paving stones with mortar from a distance!)

Fresh new looks will be given to your outdoor areas without you spending a small fortune on trickily laying out paving stones to make a pattern. Stencilling type paving is versatile – it can give the appearance of rustic bricks, pavers, large stones, or almost anything in the surface industry. You can also choose un-patterned coloured concrete.

After close consultation with you on colours, textures, and pattern effects, our process involves putting down a hard-wearing cement-based colour hardener overlaying a concrete base. Naturally, it takes some time preparing the site and laying down the concrete and hardener, so expect a project time of about three days. The stencil and coloured concrete is extremely UV and chemical resistant, so it is designed to last for many years.

When you come home from work to your finished paving, you won’t believe your eyes! Often the mere look of the final paving will add tens of thousands of dollars of value to your home. For driveways, it will also provide a hardy surface that you can comfortably park your car on.