Project Management Canberra

One of the biggest problems which homeowners face when commissioning a major building project is ensuring that the right trades are involved at the correct time. Knowing who does what and when can be a challenge, which is why we offer to undertake this task as part of the project management services we provide. As experienced contractors with years of project work behind us, we’re not only aware of the appropriate timing for various trades to be involved in your job, we also have the skills necessary for successful joint working.

Close collaboration with architects

We find that being involved with the project’s architect as soon as possible enables us to point out any possible construction issues before building gets underway, minimising the risk of problems later on. If the plans are already at the blue print stage, we will follow them accurately and continue to liaise regularly with the architect and our client to ensure that what we’re doing is in line with what’s required. Should an unexpected problem develop, we are always happy to suggest helpful solutions and negotiate a constructive way forward.

We can get the right people in at the right time

Our team is used to sharing a site with other trades and understand the importance of their contribution towards site safety and harmonious joint working. If required, we can recommend reputable local tradespeople who we have worked successfully with in the past. For clients that have chosen tradespeople independently, we have plenty of experience in coordinating timing and job specific constraints to ensure that everything gets done on time and that the work of one trade doesn’t impact negatively on the ability of another to get the job done.

When things go wrong

If there appears to be a problem with a piece of work that’s been undertaken and the project is still ongoing, we can often communicate successfully with the relevant tradesperson to get the job fixed. If you’re concerned about any aspect of the job, let us know and we will always try and find a satisfactory solution.

Project management is critical to the success of any construction job, which is why we invest a considerable amount of time in ensuring it’s done correctly. If you want to work with a contractor that not only gets their work done, but can facilitate all the other jobs needed for successful completion, get in touch.